Bella Umbrella Second Line #5 Combo

Quantity: 5

This listing is for 2 parasol sized umbrellas. It includes a black umbrella with silver sequin ribs and a black fringe edge and a matching parasol in white. These umbrellas are smaller than a standard rain umbrella. They are parasol sized. The umbrella covers from about shoulder to shoulder over an average adult head. It is large enough to make a nice presentation, but small enough to be easily handled while dancing. It may seem a little small out of the box, but most people find it to be the perfect sized, once it is used.

The umbrella has 6 panels. Each spoke is 14 inches from top to tip and 19 inches from the top to the hook handle. When the umbrella is open, it measures 24 inches across the bottom. These Second Line made umbrellas are perfect for weddings, sports events, birthdays, sorority items, baby showers, photo shoots, festivals, graduation, second lining or just some stylish outdoor shade! The items shown were custom made. It might not be rain ready, but it is certainly ready to create some unique outdoor shade!

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